Volkswagen Golf MK 5 New Technology 100% Touch Windscreen wipers 2005 - 2009

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  • ·        Easy to install
  • ·        High Technology
  • ·        High Durability
  • ·       Super performance
  • ·        Makes the rubber more flexible and durable
  • ·        Great visibility & excellent wiping results throughout the year
  • ·        Minimum wiper-induced wind noise
  • ·        Winter prevents Ice and Snow Build up
  •          Summer Resists cracking in extreme heat
  •          Spring / Autumn Even pressure provides streak-free wipe from light to heavy rain.

    DRIVER SIDE: 24" 600mm
    PASSENGER SIDE: 19" 480mm

    Front Windscreen Wipers design to maximize Wiping Quality, last longer and are decisively less noisy than traditional wipers

    Our wiper blades offer unsurpassed aerodynamic and acoustic properties. Innovative Windscreen Wiping for Everyone. Technology used in the manufacturing of our Wiper Blades recognizes environmental-protection guidelines.


    These wipers  are New Technology 100% Touch. Top quality rubber for excellent performance .